Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me


The Story: After a day exploring Plitvice Lakes National Park Ma, Pa and I decided to check out Zadar’s Marine Organ.  The Organ was designed by a Croatian engineer/architect, and was implemented to beautify Zadar’s stunning coast line.  The seafront was installed with several polyethylene pipes of varying lengths and widths under broad concrete steps with slats that allow the wind and waves into the chamber.  The sound itself was beautiful and haunting, the Adriatic’s own chance music, but we managed to get there for an equally haunting view: the sunset over the Adriatic Sea.

Why I Love It: I love the ocean.  Being from Canada’s west coast, I always feel drawn to the ocean.  This was a wonderful day, and Ma, Pa and I felt totally revitalized by this beautiful sunset.  I love that I managed to get a bit of lens flare and the vivid colours are fantastic.  I really like that the colours of the sunset and sky are briefly reflected on the choppy ocean.


The Story:  A Local one.  One of my favourite spots in Vancouver is Spanish Banks.  For those of you who don’t know where it is, it’s a north-facing beach in the Point Grey area that gives you a great view of downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park, the North Shore (North and West Vancouver), the North Shore Mountains and English Bay.  It’s the perfect spot to put your toes in the sand, sit, smell the salty ocean and take photos of the stunning sunsets.

Why I love It:  Vancouver gets a lot of flack, especially from Vancouverites so I try to take as many shots to show off the city as I can.  I like this photo because it shows some of the simply beauty of the city – calm water, hazy mountains, sun just tucking in behind them.  My favourite part is the sailboat merrily puttering along in the distance.


The Story: Ma and I took our time driving the infamous highway that takes you from Nanaimo to the west coast of Vancouver Island.  We were heading to Ucluelet in November for some storm watching.  We checked into our bayside motel and decided to see if we could zip over to the west side of the island to catch the sunset.  We parked and headed down to the rocky inlet known as Big Beach and stayed until it was almost dark.

Why I Love It: The best part of this photo for me is how it’s a photo of the sunset, but you can’t actually see the sun.  I also really like the rays of light from behind the clouds and the darkness of the Pacific Ocean.

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