Germany, Day 8: Like A Bridge…


Today was our last full day in Heidelberg, so the the four of us (me, Ma, Pa and Argie) decided to check out the previously undiscovered parts of the old town, starting with the old bridge.  The bridge is old and mostly pedestrian so we had a good chance to amble around and take photos of the city, castle and bridge itself.


The one end of the bridge houses a love lock fixture at a peaceful riverside point with a beautiful view of the castle.


Following our time on the bridge, we headed over to check out parts of the old university.  Heidelberg houses one of the oldest universities in Europe and is still a popular institution today.


The rest of the day was pretty much a day for relaxing.  We learned that gummy bears and gummy candy come from the west part of Germany, so we filled up with gummy bears and gummy Heidelbergs, bought some Christmas ornaments, sampled some Schnapps native to the region, ate some cake, sent off a parcel and lots of postcards, had dinner at a burger joint decorated with birch trees and finally watched the sun set over the square while drinking hot chocolates and cointreau, sad to say goodbye to Heidelberg but excited to find out what’s in store in Rothenburg.

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