Day 1: Maybe I’m Crazy

Aaaand we’re off!  Day 1 of Ma, Pa and my 2017 Eastern Europe fantasy and friends, I cannot guarantee this blog post will be of any high quality or standard due to lack of quality sleep.

We left Langley for YVR at 0300hrs, flight left for Toronto Pearson at 0700hrs PST and arrived in Toronto at noon.  We had a 5 hour layover (where we witnessed a SHOW, more on that at the end) and boarded the Toronto to Budapest flight.  What we didn’t realize, is that our travel agent booked us with Air Canada Rouge, their discount airline, and they definitely took the label “discount” to heart!  After 8 hours of TV free flying under our belts, we arrived in Budapest at 1230 hrs, grabbed a cab and checked into our residence for the next 4 days, Anabelle Bed and Breakfast.  We decided that, because we were travelling for so long, we wanted to do something relaxing, so we had lunch at Budapest’s Gozsdu Udvar, which is essentially an outdoor, partially covered bar mall.


We decided on this cute little place with vibrant tiles and floral tables.  Pa and I partook in our first beers of the trip, and Ma and I had crêpe sushi for lunch.


After our meal we were totally exhausted but didn’t want to return to the hotel as we wanted to try and stay up to a relatively normal time (currently failing at that.  It’s 1800hrs and I’ve fallen asleep on my keyboard no less than 4 times) so we decided to check out a low key, low energy landmark in Budapest – a ruin pub.  Ruin pubs were the city’s solution to dark and dank alleyways and courtyard type spaces.  We went to the original – Szimpla Kert.  Szimpla Kert is tucked down a little side street, decorated in, well, junk.


A small hallway offering bathrooms and hookah lead to an open 2 level courtyard full of benches and high tables.  We grabbed a bench and ordered a few beers, still desperately trying to stay vertical.  Besides being so sleepy, we really enjoyed the space and atmosphere – very chill, people brought their dogs, no one seemed to bother each other.


We found ourselves a cab with perhaps the most delightful driver (“Ah!  Vancouver!  With the Olympics and the peoples and the Canucks hockey!  Toronto has a hockey too!”) and headed back to our beautiful little B&B, tucked into a building right beside Parliament.  We tried our best to watch some TV, chat, write, read, SOMETHING to stay awake, but Pa was snoring literally 15 seconds after hitting a chair and by 1900hrs, I couldn’t take it any longer, crawled into bed and was asleep instantly.


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