Day 5: Baby You Can Drive My Car

This morning was yet another beautiful, clear morning in Delft, and sadly our last full day in the Netherlands. Today Ma and I decided to take one for the team and go with Pa to the Louwman Museum at The Hague. The museum is Europe’s oldest and one of the largest and most varied classic car (and automobile art) collections.

The Hague is not far from Delft at all, so we got a cab driver to drive us the whole whopping 15 minute drive there.

The museum itself is a work of art – modern, classy and spotlessly clean. We paid the entry fee and started at the very beginning – the oldest cars in the collection, dating as far back as around the 1890s.

The way the museum was set up was also very well done – period music and art to accompany the vehicles. It was also divided up into different sections – early cars, race and sport cars, French cars, Dutch cars, famous cars, etc.

The red Cadillac pictured here had the highest tail fins ever put on a car. To me this car screams “American Graffiti”, with some Del Shannon blasting from the speakers.

They had the actual Aston Martin used in one of the better and more famous James Bond movies, Goldfinger, still equipped with all its gadgets.

Another famous movie car was the Lincoln Continental used in The Godfather, most notably in the scene where Sonny Corleone is ambushed and shot about a billion times.

This next red Cadillac is Elvis Presley’s custom Caddy and it is fantastically ugly.

As many of you know, I drive a little mint coloured ’95 Toyota Corolla named Minty and she’s great. At the museum I got to see her grandmother, a 1978 Corolla. The museum also housed Dr. Toyoda’s desk from where he worked as well as one of the earliest surviving Toyota’s, an AA which was found on a farm in Vladivostok.

Probably my favourite car in the collection was this cool old Duesenberg, the same model owned by many old movie stars and celebrities.

This next one is just kind of cool – a police Porsche. I know a lot of my member friends would really enjoy going code to calls in this number!

The museum opened at 1000hrs, and we were there right at opening, so by 1300hrs we were hungry and thirsty, so we stopped at the museum’s cafe, done up like a turn of the century courtyard.

We devoured frites, mayo, beers and Apple cake and were back on the concourse, Pa like a kid in a candy shop explaining why some of the cars were so special and Ma and I like the patient parents, nodding and smiling.

By 1530 hours we had looked at all 200 something cars in the collection, made our way to the gift shop and cabbed back to Delft.

In Delft we sat in the old Market square and enjoyed the cool drinks, sunshine and beautiful surroundings until dinner time, and bed. All three of us really loved Delft and will be sad to leave it behind.

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