Day 18: Truckin’

This morning we got up slowly, packed our bags, ate breakfast and said goodbye to Marc, Sébastien, A La Maison Blanche and Fécamp as we hit the road heading east towards West Flanders in Belgium. We will be heading back to France for a day this week, but the rest of our sleeps will be in Belgium.

The drive from Normandy to West Flanders and we were all feeling a little weary, so we decided to take our time, taking lunch at a bakery outside of Amiens and pulling into our B&B at 1600hrs.

Ma and Pa have stayed at this B&B before. Varlet Farm is an actual working farm (potatoes and celeriac) as well as bed and breakfast and de facto WWI museum. Its location in a town called Poelkapelle (right beside Passchendaele and 15 minutes outside of Ypres) meant that it was right in the thick of the fighting of WWI, and as such the family who run the farm find war relics, shell casings and unexploded ordinances in and around the grounds on the regular.

We were greeted by Barbara who offered us coffee, tea and apple cake as well as pamphlets and brochures of nearby sites to explore.

We checked into our room and I wanted to get a least few photos for the day, so I wandered the grounds and barn, where they display the war artifacts, along with informative posters explaining the process of what happens when they discover unexploded ordinances, as the police get around 3,500 calls per year about them.

At about 1730hrs we went into town (Poelkapelle) for some dinner and went to a recommended frites restaurant where we were back into the Belgian beer, double fried frites and GOOD mayonnaise (sorry, France). Once the restaurant had thoroughly filled up with screaming children, we headed back to the Farm for more beer and we all read until it was time to listen to the BC Lions game, then bed.

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