Day 15 – Shut Up and Drive

Today we sadly packed up our gear, said goodbye to Djordje and piled in our hired car to head to our last home base of the trip, Ulcinj. Ulcinj is on the very south tip of the Montenegrin coast and has 13km of sandy beach. Because of how close it is to Albania, Ulcinj has a significantly more Ottoman feeling that previous Venetian style.

Our driver Mickey was a character who spun tales of being a former police officer, maybe being on special forces, and would point out every beach that he likes to swim at. He graciously agreed to make a quick pit stop in the old town of Bar so that we could take a quick snap of Stara Maslina – an olive tree purportedly over 2000 years old.

After visiting the old tree we were back in the car cruising down the coast, the mountains getting smaller, but omnipresent. Soon we were in Ulcinj, the both sides of the streets gleaming with boutique hotels, apartments and cottages. We pulled into our hotel Perla luxury, and shining white building of marble, concrete and glass. We said goodbye to Mickey and met one of the hotel caretakers Dina, who checked us in and showed us to our rooms. The hotel is beautiful and modern and the staff is lovely and generous.

We got settled and headed up to the hotel roof (3rd floor) and read, watching dark grey-blue clouds approach from over the mountains, knowing what they brought with them. We walked to a nearby restaurant for a delicious lunch of pizza cooked in the wood oven and hurried back to Perla as the rain started to fall.

We gathered in the lounge, furnished with modern Scandinavian chairs and couches and featuring floor to ceiling windows where we could watch the storm. We read our books and drank the delicious Turkish coffee that Dina made for us.

We read and dawdled away the stormy afternoon and when there was a break in the weather, we headed out for dinner, and beat the rain coming back for the night, walking past hoards of beautiful women, adorned with glittering dresses and jewels, all heading to a nearby banquet hall.

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