Where Have All The Flowers Gone


Ah, the cherry blossom.  I love these little pink blooms but most of all I love the rose coloured precipitation that they perform towards the end of the season.  Ma and Pa have three cherry blossom trees in the backyard, originally erected to hamper the view of nosey neighbours.  One of the trees has sadly succumbed to the some of the harsher windstorms of late, but the other two still stand, partially obstructing eyeshot into the yard when in full bloom.  Nature’s curtain.


My favourite flowers are by far orchids, despite how often I buy them and end up killing them.  They’re so unusual looking, stark and beautiful.  The above photo is from an Asian corner market/flower shop on W Broadway (by my favourite restaurant).  They always have  happy and healthy looking orchids that I would love to buy but know they would just suffer in my hands.

Below is one of the “wild” orchids at the Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park.


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