Croatia (Part 4: Plitvice Lakes)

Plitvice Lakes National Park is probably the most recognizable landmark in Croatia, maybe in a close tie with Dubrovnik.  I was prepared to take a lot of photos while we were there, but I took A LOT.  I just could not get over the scenery.


As mentioned in a previous post, the site is 16 terraced lakes connected by a series of waterfalls.  The park staff says that because of the unique chemical makeup and how soft the rock is, you never see the same park two days in a row.  The water is always cutting new pathways and changes colour depending on the time of day and time of the year.


We were there in late September so we were treated to turning leaves and emerald green waters.  Sometimes the water is more blue and is different depending on what part of the park you’re in.  The park also has some iconic bridges and boardwalks that cross the lakes. We didn’t partake as they were roped off, I suppose due to weather.


This place is (in my novice opinion) a landscape photographer’s dream.  So many different vantage points, colour, texture, light.


I tried my best to get some shots to show how unbelievable clear the water is, but in the case photographs just don’t do it justice.


I loved the way the water just cut through rock and growth and moss, creating thousands of little waterfalls.  A lot of the time you can’t even see where the source is, making it look waterfalls were appearing at random.


As I have previously mentioned as well, the reason the water is so clear is because mud and dirt calcifies very quickly, make the lake bed rock instead of mud and sand.


My favourite part of photographing the park was all the vivid colours.  I like to think that if I do have a trademark as a photographer, it’s that I try to capture colour and depth, and the Lakes gave me a great opportunity to indulge myself.


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