Day 14: Hellenistic on Wheels

Today we were up early and out the door by 0900hrs, heading for our easternmost stop on the trip, Sozopol, an old Thracian settlement on the Black Sea.  The Bulgarian coast on the sea is a pretty popular party area, especially in cities such as Varna and Sunny Beach, but because we’re not a partying bunch and are history nerds, we decided on Sozopol.

We decided to hire a driver, so we had sweet and professional Ivan drive us out.  Ivan was very knowledgeable about the area we were driving through and offered his CD wallet for us to pick the tunes.  Sadly for me, whether it be on a plane, boat or back seat of a comfortable vehicle, I tend to get motion sickness, so I popped a ginger-chew Gravel and dozed off.

We pulled into resort town of Sozopol around 1400hrs and after a bit of a run-around, found our quaint, family run Hotel Hedy.  We grabbed some lunch (another Shopska salad for me, so good!) and went down to hit the beach.  Our hotel is between two different beaches, Central Beach being a 3 minute walk and Harmanite Beach being a 4 minute walk, so we chose the 3 minute walk.


We have had beautiful sunny weather pretty much every day of this trip, and the day we get to the beach, it’s cloudy and windy.  It was, however, and very manageable 22C degrees, so Ma and I took our boots off, felt the sand in our toes and dipped our feet in the Black Sea.


As I previously said, Sozopol is a resort town, and we caught the very end of the season.  No one else was out on the beach, no surfers in the water, no one relaxing in cabanas or lounge chairs.


Although we were all feeling pretty tired, we decided to walk the length of the beach and at least head up to the old town at the tip of the peninsula for a minute.  The wind had really kicked up and many restaurants were closed and boarded up.  Although I was mildly disappointed about the slightly stormy weather, I also delighted in it, because it reminds me of the Pacific Ocean at home, the salt water air perfuming my clothes and the wind whipping my hair.


As I said before, we chose Sozopol because it has some pretty old history, and we started to get reenergized seeing old structures, like this ancient Hellenistic cathedral in ruins from years 7 BC – 5 BC.


Some of the medieval landmarks of Sozopol are old wooden houses and structures, so we wandered deeper into the enchanting old town to get an eyeful.


After a few hours of wandering and picking up some postcards, we decided to grab a light dinner in the old and head home, just beating the impending rain.


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